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ACL Biomedical Co., Ltd. is found by President Mr. Stanley Hu in 2009. Stanley was the founder of North West Co., Ltd in 1979. NW was soon developed into one of the leading companies for medical device distribution throughout Taiwan. ACL stands for Amy, Claire and Li-Li’s company. The ACL Biomedical inherits North West’s medical reputations of trust and integrity , but also demonstrates longevity and creativity in the company culture.

Mission & Value

For three decades NW/ACL Biomedical Co., Ltd has always maintained the highest moral and ethical standard in conducting business. We provide the leading technologies and high quality medical devices to our clients and ensure the safety and correct usage of medical device for both doctors and patients.

Service is our business

With a highly-trained sales team located in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung ( Northern, Middle, and Southern major cities) . ACL Biomedical provides prompt and excellent service directly to general hospitals and private clinics and centers throughout Taiwan.
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